COVID-19 Update

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Silveria Jacobs, issued temporary Travel Restrictions for incoming visitors to Sint Maarten. The Travel Restrictions provide that, effective on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, visitors from the United States, Canada, and Europe including the United Kingdom and Ireland will not be permitted to enter Sint Maarten until April 1, 2020, at the earliest. ​We believe that ​St. Maarten has extended the ban ​until April 30.

All Owners scheduled for a vacation at Coral Beach Club from March 17 through a date to be determined ​based on flight availability (“The Restricted Time Period” ) will be permitted to ​cancel their reservations and bank their weeks for future usage commencing on or prior to September 15, 2021. Any fixed week owners will be rescheduled as requested by the owner, subject to availability. Any Villa ​non-owner guest scheduled to arrive for stays during the Restricted Time Period will receive a full refund of their deposit, or their deposits can be moved to reserve a villa at a later date. We will keep you updated on all new events and announcements regarding lifting the Restricted Time Period. There has been no indication of when that will be, so we are attentively monitoring ​flight availability and Government announcements and will inform you when we know anything.

Both countries on the Island have decreed strict self-isolation and allow movement for essential purposes only. Maintaining the magnificent CBC property is considered essential by the government, and we have ​a limited number of our maintenance people working on a volunteer basis. Strict social distancing ​and all other recommendations of the World Health Organizations and the US Center for Disease Control are being strictly enforced in order to protect the health and safety of our employees.

We look forward to getting past this difficult and uncertain time and getting back to providing the very best vacation experience to all of our outstanding owners and guests. We thank you for your support and patience. We will overcome this challenge by taking good care of ourselves and our neighbors and following restrictions decreed or recommended by the Government of Sint Maarten ​, the World Health Organization, and the CDC.

We look forward to welcoming back our owners and guests, which hopefully will be in a short time. Please keep an eye on this site for any updates.

The resort management team will still be busy at work, with social distancing in place. So please feel free to contact Anju Snow directly, at (866) 978-7278, with any questions or concerns.

Stay Healthy and come and see us when restrictions are lifted. We’ll be looking forward to greeting you again.

Mike Dolente, Joshua Gold, Ricardo Perez, and Anju Snow.
Iron Shore Management NV